I create for those who need to be heard. 


If you asked me to define the word feminism before I moved to NYC I would not have been able to give you a description. After three years of living and working in the real world, I learned as to why we all need feminism. I want people to view the women in my paintings as more than pretty pictures, because that is more than what these women are in real life.

The She Is More series serves as a support for women; I want to convey through these paintings the feeling of, I see you. I see that you are working harder than most men and getting paid less. I see that you wore that outfit to feel good, not to get catcalled on the way to class. I see that all you want is to be taken as serious as the men are in your day-to-day activities. Whether you are a man or women, this backing for gender equality is vital for our society to be able to fulfill the standards we set. Through my work I want the women out there to understand that, I see you, and I support you. 


Ashley Epping was born and raised in Rochester, NY.  She is currently a student at Pace University studying Marketing Advertising and Fine Art. She has co-led the event Take Back The Day/Night under Pace University’s Sexual Assault Awareness Week and the One Day Immersion Conference for the Arts & Entertainment Management Department. Ashley has previously worked with companies such as Gant, Downs & Ross Gallery & Haven Collective. She has also been published in Maker's Movement, Aphros Magazine & Artsy Shark.

2016 Featured Shows

Loss/Connection, Peter Fingesten Gallery, New York NY

Dual Show, Three Brothers Winery, Rochester NY
She Is More Series

RocGirlGang Gallery, Rochester Brainery, Rochester NY
More Than 4

Conception Global Art Collective, M1-5 Lounge, New York NY
She Is More Than Her Body, Manhunt, Landfills 




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